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Towards remote control of manufacturing machines through robot vision sensors

Halawi Ghoson, Nourhan (1); Hakam, Nisar (1); Shakeri, Zohreh (1); Meyrueis, Vincent (1); Loubère, Stéphane (2); Benfriha, Khaled (1) // 2023
The remote management of equipment is part of the functionalities granted by the design principles of Industry 4.0. However, some critical operations are managed by operators, machine setup and ...


Tully, Robert // 2023
In an age of disruption and challenging educational demands, we need our Higher Education Institutions to make the necessary changes in policy and strategy to remain relevant. Responsible innovation ...


Mali, Bhavin Vamanrao; Kalita, Pratul Chandra; Sharma, Sukanya // 2023
The concepts of emotion, making and value, while not new or alien to the researchers in design, have been looked at mainly from the point of view of end user of the design. This paper aims to ...

Understanding upcycling and circular economy and their interrelationships through literature review for design education

Sung, Kyungeun // 2023
Design and engineering are fundamental activities in shaping the world we live in. Educating new generations in design and engineering, therefore, is crucial to build a better and more sustainable ...

Usage and acceptance of management tools in project-based learning environments

Rößler, Lisa; Gericke, Kilian // 2023
This paper aims to identify the reasons for neglecting and the motivations for using management tools among three groups of students participating in a project that was carried out and followed over ...

Use Cases for a Hybrid Augmented Reality Computer Workstation in CAD Workflows

Harlan, Jakob;Goetz, Stefan;Wartzack, Sandro // 2023
Many immersive approaches for design activities show a great potential for their specific use cases, but still overall usage of extended reality technology in product developers day-to-day work is ...

Virtually Hosted Hackathons for Design Research: Lessons Learned from the International Design Engineering Annual (IDEA) Challenge 2022

Ege, Daniel Nygaard (1); Goudswaard, Mark (2); Nesheim, Ole (1); Eikevåg, Sindre W (1); Bjelland, Øystein (1); Christensen, Kim A (1); Ballantyne, Robert (2); Su, Shuo (2); Cox, Chris (2); Timperley, Louis (2); Aeddula, Omsri (3); Machchhar, Raj Jiten (3); Ruvald, Ryan (3); Li, Jie (4); Figueiredo, Sara (4); Deo, Saurabh (4); Horvat, Nikola (5); Čeh, Ivan (5); Šklebar, Jelena (5); Miler, Daniel (5); Gopsill, James (2); Hicks, Ben (2); Steinert, Martin (1) // 2023
The International Design Engineering Annual (IDEA) Challenge is a virtually hosted hackathon for Engineering Design researchers with aims of: i) generating open access datasets; ii) fostering ...


Berni, Aurora; Nezzi, Chiara; Piazzolla, Nadia; Borgianni, Yuri // 2023
Product development stages are typically characterized by different forms of representations and degrees of specification, which potentially affect user’s perception and evaluation. These effects are ...

Visualising and reverging: Understanding the intersection between creativity and visual thinking

Jansen, Alix (1,2); Heijne, Katrina (1); van Oosterom, Iren (2); Gonçalves, Milene (1) // 2023
We investigate reverging - the phase between the diverging and converging steps in a creative process - in the context of a visual thinking agency. Creative facilitation literature advocates for such ...

Visualizing the Complex Problem of Children’s Digital Wellbeing in South Korea: a Systems Thinking Approach

Widjaja, Shannen Patricia; Baek, Joon Sang // 2023
Considering the prevalence of digital interaction within the Generation Alpha, this study focuses on the digital wellbeing of elementary school-aged children in South Korea. By taking into account ...

What Determines VR Integration in Design Practice? An Investigation of Industrial Designer's Acceptance of VR Visualisation Tools

Zhang, Wendy (1); Ranscombe, Charlie (2); Piumsomboon, Thammathip (1); Mallya, Prabha (1) // 2023
Emerging visualisation tools based on eXtended Reality (XR) platforms offer designers new possibilities and benefits, attracting increasing interest from academia and industry. However, as the users ...


Al Jahwari, Laila; Garaj, Vanja; Harrison, David // 2023
Design fiction is an approach to speculation about the future using a combination of prototyping and storytelling. It has recently received much attention in Human-Computer Interaction and design ...


Behnam Asl, Sana (1); Gill, Carolina (1); Umstead, Kelly (1); Mahtani, Raunak (1); Tully, Kristin (2) // 2022

A concept for a novel hybrid augmented reality computer workstation for virtual product development

Jakob Harlan, Benjamin Schleich, Sandro Wartzack // 2022
Extended reality user interfaces for engineering design often suffer from gaps in the user’s workflow. Usually, the user must at least put on hardware, but often also data preparation is needed. This ...

A Writing Typology for Designers

Madison Sabatelli // 2022
While design is often thought of as a visual field defined by renderings, models, and sketches, the use of writing can be just as pertinent and necessary. This paper presents seven writing types used ...

Adaptation of the Integrated Function Modelling Framework

Krüger, Merlin Frederik; Gericke, Kilian // 2022
The integrated function modelling framework is used for functional analysis of technical moderate complex systems, but requires specific adaptation in modelling to visualize the behaviour of specific ...

Approach to Sustainability-Based Assessment of Solution Alternatives in Early Stages of Product Engineering

Iris Gr // 2022
Sustainable product engineering is becoming increasingly important. This includes the development of environmentally friendly products and the design for recycling. In this paper a holistic method ...

Challenges and Opportunities for Enabling Mutual Learning and Collaboration in Design and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Africa and Beyond

Susanne Nilsson (1), Bernard Shibwabo Kasamani (2), Julia Hede Mortensen (1), Dunja Stevanovic (3), Michelle Wanyang (2), Margareta Norell Bergendahl (1), Panos Y. Papalambros (4) // 2022
Global collaboration and mutual learning in design are put forth as means to address the UN SDGs. This paper draws upon experiences in the Design Society’s AFRICA-DESIGN initiative to build a network ...

Closed-Loop Engineering Approach for Data-Driven Product Planning

Thomas Dickopf, Christo Apostolov // 2022
This contribution introduces an approach for data-driven optimization of products and their product generations through a Closed-Loop Engineering approach resulting from the German research project ...

Comparing EEG Brain Power of Mechanical Engineers in 3D CAD Modelling from 2D and 3D Representations

Fanika Lukačević (1,2), Shumin Li (2), Niccolò Becattini (2), Stanko Škec (1) // 2022
Using the EEG features extracted from the EEG signals, the presented study investigates differences in the cognitive load posed on engineers while 3D CAD modelling in two different conditions, ...


Urquhart, Lewis; Petrakis, Konstantinos; Wodehouse, Andrew // 2022

Design and Evaluation of an Inclusive Autonomous Vehicle User Interface Developed for Persons with Visual Acuity Loss

Elena Angeleska, Aleksandra Aleksovska, Nikola Avramov, Sofija Sidorenko, Tashko Rizov, Aleksandar Jankovic // 2022
This research focuses on evaluating a user interface (UI) for an autonomous vehicle (AV) with the goal to determine the most suitable layout for persons with visual acuity loss. The testing procedure ...

Design Structure Matrix and Its Applications in Innovation Management

Durango, Ana Cristina (1); Luciani, Francesca (1); De Paula Ferreira, William (2); Armellini, Fabiano (1) // 2022
New product/process development entails technical and managerial complexities, such as coordination among interactions among entities and functions in the supply chain. DSM (Design structure matrix) ...

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