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Do You See What I See? Exploring Vividness of Visual Mental Imagery in Product Design Ideation

Edward Hart, Laura Hay // 2022
This paper reports a preliminary study (N=16) exploring vividness of visual mental imagery in product design ideation. Vividness was observed to vary across designers in the study, from high (68.8% ...

Does CAD Smell Like Code? A Mapping between Violation of Object Oriented Programming Design Principles and Computer Aided Design Modelling

Peter Rosso (1), James Gopsill (1,2), Stuart C. Burgess (1), Ben Hicks (1) // 2022
In objected-oriented design, "smells" are symptoms of code violating design principles. When a deadline is looming, decisions can affect the long-term quality of a code or CAD. Given this and the ...

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Hardness of Unconventional Geometrical Features for Laser Powder Bed Fused AlSi10Mg

Lea Strauss (1), Joaquin Montero (2), Sebastian Weber (1), Stefan Brenner (1), Philipp H // 2022
The adoption of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) practices brought new industrial components embedding unconventional shapes such as lattice structures or freeform surfaces resulting from ...

Handling the Complexity of Tool Selection Processes – Simulation Data Management in the Automotive Supplier Industry

Schweigert-Recksiek, Sebastian (1); Riener, Harald (2); Koch, Paul (1); Meier, Dirk (1); Daners, Andre (3); Krastel, Marcus (1) // 2022
Both the number and the complexity of numerical mechanical simulations are constantly increasing. This leads to increasing quantities and higher interconnectedness of the resulting data objects. In ...

Identifying Factors Influencing the Design of a Suitable Knowledge Base in Product Engineering Projects

Christoph Kempf, Felix Sanke, Jonas Heimicke, Simon Rapp, Albert Albers // 2022
During product engineering, engineers draw on existing knowledge as a basis. This knowledge is applied in design processes either by adopting elements, alternating some attributes, or changing the ...

Integrated Physical-Digital Workflow in Prototyping – Inspirations from the Digital Twin

Chris Snider, Lee Kent, Mark Goudswaard, Ben Hicks // 2022
Prototyping uses many models over its process, with varying strength and weakness offered by those in the physical vs digital domains. Working across domains is necessary but introduces a transition ...

Introduction of a standardized Notation of Design Heuristics for Knowledge Formalization

Gerald Kremer, Ina Peters, Berkay Bingoel, Rainer Stark // 2022
A wide range of tools simplify product development, e. g. Knowledge-Based Engineering Systems (KBES). Many KBES draw on knowledge derived from DfX methods. The knowledge of these methods is often ...

Life Cycle Assessment in an Ecodesign Process: A Pedagogical Case Study

Selma Leonardi (1), Catherine Perpignan (1,2), Benoit Eynard (1), Yacine Baouch (1), Vincent Robin (2) // 2022
To face environmental requirements in the design area, it is crucial to work on the education of younger generation to sustainable design. But literature shows there is a growing need for both ...

MedTech Product Development Framework for Post-Pandemic Era

Natalia Glazkova (1), Yaroslav Menshenin (1), Dmitry Vasilev (2), Clement Fortin (1) // 2022
A case study during pandemic revealed the major drawbacks of the traditional product development process for MedTech industry. Disruption of conventional manufacturing, urgent need for accelerated ...

Model-Based Definition Accelerates Product Life Cycle in Manufacturing and Inspection Phase – Experiment of Machined One-Off Production

Pekka Uski (1), Asko Ellman (2), Ilari Laine (2), Lasse Hillman (3), Joni Nieminen (3) // 2022
The paper focuses on comparative experiment on manufacturing and inspection of two different prismatic one-off parts, which have different complexity. Our experiment shows that transforming product ...

Modular Parametric Architecture Design for Ferry Bilge Systems

Herremans, B. R. (1); Wilschut, T. (2); Deul, M. (3); Vink, B. (3); Brouwer, R. (3) // 2022
Damen shipyards has set out to develop a modular parametric ferry architecture to enable their nautical engineers to transition from the current implicit Configure-to-Order (CtO) design and ...


Novoa, Mauricio (1); Howell, Bryan (2); Hoftijzer, Jan Willem (3); Rodriguez, Jose Manuel (4); Zhang, Wendy (5); Kramer, Nikolaj (6) // 2022

Preliminary Study on Haptics of Textile Surfaces via Digital Visual Cues

Bastian Quattelbaum (1), Stephanie Wolter (1), Kostas Stylidis (2,3) // 2022
Humans perceive through various sensory impressions, including the five senses. Not only the number of different stimuli in everyday life increase, but also the degree of assessment of urgent and ...

Prototyping in Smart Product Design: Investigating Prototyping Tools to Support Communication of Interactive and Environmental Qualities

Jing Wang, Charlie Ranscombe, Boris Eisenbart // 2022
The increasing availability of smart products creates a more pronounced need for designers to prototype and communicate interactive and environmental qualities of product during their design process. ...

Prototyping through the Lens of Network Analysis and Visualisation

Lee Kent, James Gopsill, Lorenzo Giunta, Mark Goudswaard, Chris Snider, Ben Hicks // 2022
Prototyping is a well-established and valued design process activity. However, capturing prototypes and the tacit knowledge that led to and was gained from their creation is a challenge. Beyond that, ...

Robust Design Optimization of Mechatronics Systems: Parallel Electric Drivetrain Application

Albert Rosich, Carlos L // 2022
This paper addresses the problem of finding a robust optimal design when uncertain parameters in the form of crisp or interval sets are present in the optimization. Furthermore, in order to make the ...

Supporting the Transition Towards Electromobility in the Construction and Mining Sector: Optimization Framework and Demonstration on an Electrical Hauler

Raj Jiten Machchhar, Alessandro Bertoni // 2022
The paper presents a framework for the integration of the system’s design variables, state variables, control strategies, and contextual variables into a design optimization problem to assist ...

Understanding the Role of Perceptual Haptic Conditions on Design Decision

K. V. Rakhin (1), Prasad S. Onkar (1), J. Hayavadana (2) // 2022
The haptic propositions derived from the textile prototypes often allow for more than one interpretation. It impacts the decision on design alternatives during the phase of design evaluation and ...

Understanding Working Scenarios of Urban Air Mobility

Priyabrata Rautray (1), Deepak John Mathew (1), Boris Eisenbart (2), Jo Kuys (2) // 2022
Urban Air Mobility (UAM) can provide new air mobility faster and avoid city traffic with the growth of new technologies. But they need to be co-developed with the city infrastructure. Thus, ...

Unveiling the Construct of Design Thinking: An Exploratory Study

Mariana Oliveira, Eduardo Zancul // 2022
Design thinking does not have a consensually defined construct in the academic literature. This foundational fragility hinders theory building in the field. This study addresses this gap by providing ...

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